Company Infrastructure

Company Infrastructure


  • Robust infrastructural base for manufacturing top quality notebooks and stationary items
  • State of art manufacturing unit spread over 50000 Sq.ft.
  • Fully equipped offset printing unit in 2.25 lakh sq. ft.
  • Green Area: 25% area of the plant
  • Power back up: 60% of the connected load
  • Online ERP System for the most updated information on running processes
  • Coving on the walls and epoxicoated floors for cleanliness and hygiene/li>


The company initially used to serve only the local market with limited production capacity. Local stationery suppliers were the only customers.

By 2014, soon after the installation of fully automatic machines the company became the largest supplier of Central India with having the highest production capacity in MP & CG.

Having a state of art manufacturing unit , Vijayshri now has a capacity to produce almost 70 million notebooks and is utilized at 75% capacity as almost 50 million notebooks are sold in one financial year.


We are equipped with High tech machinery, along with printing/ruling units. All our products ensure quality and well managed time scales.

Some of the high tech machinery we use :

  • Fully Automatic Notebook Line-omatic
  • Automatic Paper Ruling Machine
  • Automatic Folding Machine
  • Semi automatic Wire o bind machine
  • Case Making Machine
  • Semi Automatic Thread Sewing Machine
  • Perfect Book Binding Machine
  • Paper Cutting Machine
  • Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine


  • The company has a workforce of almost 190 employees out of which 150 are unskilled and around 40 are skilled employeeswho are continuously given on the job training to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

  • The company is in touch with a dealer network of almost 400 people, which helps in creating such a strong distribution channel.

  • Our corporate AV can be accessed by clicking on the following link